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My goals on NG

2009-01-29 19:49:51 by Hiyoko

Many people have goals here, here are my goals.

- Get atleast 1 award on one of my movies.
- Create and release a succesfull series.
- Become famous.
- Get atleast over 50 reviews on one of my movies.
- Get a score above 4.00 on one of my movies.

Animating scenes for SOD V!

2009-01-29 11:04:30 by Hiyoko

I'm happy to tell everyone that I'll be creating battle scenes for Mad Dave's Sword of Destruction Episode V!

I just spoke to Mad Dave on MSN and we were discussing about a new flash series with a GOOD stoyline, then he came with the words he needed help with SOD V, I asked if I could and he said yes.

Anyways, alot of flashes are coming up, like...

The Sacred World Part 5 (Temp. Frozen)
The Ultimate Battle (Temp. Frozen)
Worlds Collide (Temp. Frozen)
Chameleon vs. Ermac
Mario vs. Koopa Army

Oh noes!

2009-01-28 02:31:40 by Hiyoko

Newgrounds turned orange again..

Oh noes!

Upcoming series

2009-01-19 13:31:35 by Hiyoko

It's been a while, no?

Well I'm not dead and I'm not quitting Flash.
This 2009, probably January, MAYBE February I will release a new series, these series are called Worlds Collide.

If you like fighting, blood and Mortal Kombat.. This is your movie!
The thing that'll happen in these series that there will be a big problem in the sprite world. Many videogame characters, and characters from various Flash Animations collide. Eventually every character warps into The Mushroom Kingdom, where Mario and Luigi don't like the unexpected visits.
Currently 32% of animating progress is done.

Also the part for the collab "NG Level Collab" is around 70% done, I still have to animate a few more frames of fighting and then it's done.

Here's a picture of Worlds Collide, episode 1.

Upcoming series

Music Video | Legend of Zelda

2009-01-06 13:14:48 by Hiyoko

A music video with the song Zelda from The Rabbit Joint. Go check it out now!

Part 4 is out

2009-01-04 02:41:16 by Hiyoko

Enjoy the fourth part of TSW. =D

Part 3 released.

2008-12-30 19:05:55 by Hiyoko

Go watch it.

Part 3 in the works

2008-12-29 13:18:32 by Hiyoko

wut, Phantom Ganon?

Part 3 in the works

The NG Level Collab

2008-12-28 15:32:10 by Hiyoko

I'm glad I am joining the NG Level Collab.

I'll be making a part where Mario and Luigi fight and use the level 57 and 58 icons as items.

The Sacred World 2 released.

2008-12-27 19:04:18 by Hiyoko

Part 2 is out, go watch it.