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The forum.

2008-12-27 09:05:16 by Hiyoko

TSW forum!

Join the official THE SACRED WORLD forum.

New picture.

2008-12-26 22:08:31 by Hiyoko

I'm also going to make a forum for these series, soon.

New picture.

Part 2 in the works.

2008-12-26 20:40:02 by Hiyoko

Hiyoko Works 2008 presents..

The Sacred World Part 2.

Coming soon.

Part 2 in the works.

TSW remake released!

2008-12-26 11:46:17 by Hiyoko

The remake of The Sacred World has released!
Watch the old and the new one to compare.

Enjoy. =)

The remake has started

2008-12-25 17:46:49 by Hiyoko

What looks better? The first picture or the second picture? The second picture is the old menu screen from TSW. The first picture is the remake.

The remake has started

After 2 years...

2008-12-25 16:40:41 by Hiyoko

I'm finally going to REMAKE The Legend of Zelda: The Sacred World.
The old movie can be found HERE.

What? Are you MrI?
Yes, I am..

I returned, better behaviour, better grammar, even my animating skills raised. I'm happy to see I changed alot in these 2 years, now with a surprise that I'm back, I decided to remake one of my projects that only got one episode done so far, The Sacred World.

I've had alot of critism on my movie, that I decided to give up. I didn't care back then, but I do now. So here I am!

Stay tuned!

Newsflash 2.

Yes, I have two voice actors now. And these are doing great, I got the lines for Mario and Luigi now, Mario and Luigi will be done by SamIAm. Some guys in a bar and a barman will be done by Mathew Zev (Zabre1)
SamIAm voice acted for a few movies, he also did Four Sword Misadventures 6 by HadoukenDude. He voice acted the dark world soldier when Dark Link is preparing an attack on Hyrule. He did a good job on it.
Mathew Zev was a voice actor for Random People made by MMDProds and he voice acted in the frontpage movie Cpt. Falcon Checkup.
That's todays newsflash! Keep checking back people! :)

Stay tuned!

Mario Visits Zelda's World Newsflash 1.

2008-12-20 12:08:41 by Hiyoko

Newsflash 1!

The movie will be animated today on saturday 20 december 2008, if not, then it's tomorrow.. The voice actors are .... and Mathew Zev (Zabre1)
You can still sign up to do Mario and Luigi's voices. :)

I still don't have a voice actor for Mario and Luigi, sign in now!
Mathew Zev will do the voices of a Barman in a bar and two guys relaxing there with some beer. He voice acted for a few of my movies and he did a great job on it, Mathew is a good friend and if there's one thing he's good at it's voice acting for sure! :)

Stay tuned!

Upcoming movie: Mario Visits Zelda's World.

In this movie Mario will make his first trip to another dimension called Hyrule from the Legend of Zelda games, most of you know the famous games of Zelda, but see Mario and his brother Luigi travel there and talk with the people in Hyrule, Mario uses his travelingmachine to travel to Kakariko Village, they go to the bar and talk with people, will they meet Link and Princess Zelda?

Stay tuned.